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  • Does admin take up far too much of your time, distracting you from running and growing your business?
  • Do you realise half way out the door that there’s something you needed to complete and haven’t?
  • Does it generally drive you mad?

Your Angel can help you reclaim time each week by taking care of it and helping to create new systems to simplify things in many cases!

Calls Calls

Why not divert your calls to your Angel?

She can answer them in your company name, instantly creating a professional image of your company. The divert can be on permanently during the agreed working hours or simply when you’re busy.

Your Angel can then deal with them as agreed, either by messaging you via text or email, or as she becomes familiar with your business, handling more complex calls on quotes, sales or customer service issues.

You can work without interruptions or be ‘out of office’ without worrying.

Diary Diary

Easily sharing your calendar with your Angel will mean she can book appointments, quotation visits, meetings, travel and other events straight into your diary.

She’ll keep you organised and plan regional appointments in the most cost-effective way. You’ll both be able to see your timetable for coming days and weeks, enabling her to pro-actively assist you and adjust your plans.

This option is so easy, and opens up a whole range of ways that she can help you further.


Arranging meetings can be critical to business, but chasing everyone can take so much time.

Your Angel can arrange them for you, find a suitable free slot in your diary and co-ordinate with the people you’re meeting.  She can look for suitable venues, making travel and hotel bookings if necessary.  All you need to do is check your diary or have an agreed review over the phone.

This will save you a large amount of your time chasing, calling or emailing. She can also request confirmations when necessary to prevent you travelling and having the meeting cancelled.


So you need to book some travel…do you really want to waste time trawling looking for the best deals, filling out endless forms?

Think of the time and money your Angel can save you, making travel arrangements for meetings, business trips or even holidays for you!

She can find the best options run them by you and all you need to do is pick the best one for you and let her make all the arrangements.

Come on admit it – does that not sound like heaven?  😀


If you’d like, your Angel can handle your paperwork, bills and invoices…dealing with them for you.  Pay bills and invoices, renew insurances, pay for school trips on time, send replies or make calls on your behalf and even sort and file paperwork for you.

This option can not only take care of hours of your time but make sure you don’t forget deadlines which may have costly consequences!


Invoices….raising and chasing invoices is vital to keeping your business solvent, but is often time consuming and can at times strain relationships.  Let your Angel deal with them. Often she will be able to smooth the way and deal with any problems arising for you.

Expenses….do you have piles of receipts that need sorting and putting in order for your accountant? Why not send them in a big envelope to your Angel?  She can sort them into date order, create a detailed spreadsheet that can be emailed directly to your accountant and send on the receipts!

I’m sure you’d love to see the back of that hassle and those evenings when you’d rather be doing anything else.


Emails are essential but there’s often so many. They pile up when you aren’t able to deal with them, and then you can’t find them when you need to go back and reply.  Trying to deal with emails at the end of the day when you can’t contact the people who sent them and want an answer can be very frustrating.

Let your Angel sort and deal with those that you want her to (like appointment requests, giving a courteous response quickly) and highlight those that may need a faster response from you.

As your relationship develops you will find she can tackle more and more for you, saving you time, money and aggravation.

To Do List

Do you have days when so many things are thrown at you that you feel swamped? Wouldn’t it help if you had someone who could help you gain control and prioritise your workload?

Your Angel can use her experience to take on some tasks and help you gain control….that should reduce stress levels and let you focus.

Knowing you have someone who will be there to back you up when there is so much to deal with, organise and stay on top of can be a huge relief.


On occasion we can all have an emergency which may need urgent travel or take time to sort out. This can cause extreme amounts of stress and disrupt your work.

Wouldn’t it be better to know you have someone who can shoulder some of the tasks to relieve the situation from making travel arrangements, changing meeting locations, finding that last minute birthday present to picking up all your calls and dealing with them until you have the problem under control.

We could all use an Angel on hand!


We have an Angel who is used to working with individuals with Dyslexia.

She can concentrate on helping you make the most of your time by taking on those tasks you find most time consuming from compiling quotations, reports, emails, completing forms, creating presentations to proof reading and working to your specific requirements.


We can also deal with:

  • Social media updating and monitoring to help expand awareness of your company and improve customer relations
  • Event organising arrangements
  • Reviewing competitors websites and making recommendations
  • Research via the internet and phone
  • Design of business stationery

There are many slightly less common jobs that we can cover
and are more than happy to tackle so please contact us!