Get To Know Me

I come from a background of many years in customer service and business management. I pride myself on going the extra mile and giving the best service possible.

In recent years I began to focus on how I could help smaller businesses refine and improve their structures and services. This way they reduced the amount of paperwork and time it took up whilst improving performance and customer satisfaction. During the process I found a good PA could make a huge amount of difference to a company but for many businesses it simply wasn’t practical or necessary to employ a full time member of staff to do this crucial role. So Administration Angel was born….

Not only do I offer a diverse range of services but the ability to share my experience and make recommendations to help streamline and improve your working day…hopefully freeing up time for you, but also giving you the potential to increase your profits and drive your business on to greater success.

I look forward to talking to you and seeing what I can do for you, after all, who doesn’t need a little help from an angel from time to time?