So you’ve decided to think about some help for your business. Whatever your reasons, take a look and see if I can help your work and life experience….

  • Do you want to have the time to drive business growth?
  • Would you like to free up a greater amount of your time?
  • Could improved cash flow and greater efficiency be of benefit to you?

Why do you need a virtual personal assistant?

  • You’ve got paperwork that needs doing, and that’s stopping you doing the things that bring in the money
  • Raising invoices/quotes and chasing outstanding debts are all essential but take yet more of your time
  • You’re having to stop work to answer calls and check out dates in your diary
  • You’re spending evenings catching up when you could be spending time with family or taking time to grow your business
  • You don’t want to have the commitment of an office and staff but having someone familiar with your needs, as and when you want them, would be ideal

 What do you get out of it?

  • Better productivity and better use of your time
  • Fast help with tasks
  • Better customer service and company image
  • Feeling happier and less stressed, with more time to focus on the important matters
  • No salary, sick pay, holiday or employment contracts to worry about
  • No additional equipment or office space required
  • Access to an individual (me!) who specialises in business administration with a strong focus on customer service
  • All the benefits of a variety of roles in one service

Why an Angel?

  • A more personalised service, which I’m able to tailor to your specific needs
  • Flexible working hours (not just 9-5)
  • Using my many years of business experience to benefit your business

 Take a few minutes to look in more detail – it could be the best time you’ve ever spent!